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  1. Автомобили

    1. Audi

      AUDI AG — немецкая автомобилестроительная компания в составе концерна Volkswagen Group, специализирующаяся на выпуске автомобилей под маркой Audi.

    2. BMW

      BMW AG (аббревиатура от Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, с нем. — «Баварские моторные заводы») — немецкий производитель автомобилей, мотоциклов, двигателей, а также велосипедов.

    3. Opel

      Adam Opel AG (ˈ´oːpəl) — немецкий производитель автомобилей, входящий в концерн General Motors.

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    4. Mercedes-Benz

      Mercedes-Benz — торговая марка легковых автомобилей премиального класса, грузовых автомобилей, автобусов и других транспортных средствнемецкого автостроительного концерна «Daimler AG».

    5. Volkswagen

      Volkswagen (произносится Фольксваген) — немецкая автомобильная марка, одна из многих, принадлежащих концерну Volkswagen AG.

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    3. Smilga

      Рамки для номерных знаков предлагает вашему вниманию компания «Смилга».
      Предприятие «Смилга» является украинским представителем литовской фирмы ООО «Вирбанте», деятельностью которой уже около 25 лет является изготовление рамок номерных знаков. Также производим чехлы для авто, автомобильные пистоны.

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    • First and foremost, it's important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Dark and Darker Cleric class. One of the biggest advantages of playing as a Dark and Darker Cleric is your access to the Evocation spell school. This allows you to cast spells that deal damage to your enemies, such as Fireball and Lightning Bolt. Additionally, as a Cleric, you have access to healing spells that can keep you and your allies alive during combat Dark And Darker Gold. Another advantage of playing as a Dark and Darker Cleric is your versatility. You can switch between using spells that deal damage and healing spells depending on the situation. This makes you a valuable member of any team, as you can provide support during combat and deal damage when needed. However, there are also some weaknesses to consider when playing as a Dark and Darker Cleric. For example, you may not have as much survivability as some other classes, such as a Rogue or a Druid. Additionally, as a Cleric, you have a limited number of spell slots, so you'll need to manage your resources carefully. To succeed as a Dark and Darker Cleric, it's important to understand your role on the team. Your main job is to provide support to your allies, whether that's through healing or dealing damage. You should try to stay near your allies and be ready to provide support when needed. In terms of equipment, it's important to have a mix of spell-casting and survival gear. For spell-casting gear, you'll want to focus on items that increase your spell damage and spellcasting speed. Some good options include amulets, rings, and staves. Additionally, you'll want to focus on items that increase your spellcasting range, such as wands and scrolls. For survival gear, you'll want to focus on items that increase your armor class and hit points. Some good options include rings, amulets, and shields. Additionally, you'll want to focus on items that increase your damage reduction, such as helmets and boots. When it comes to combat, it's important to be strategic in your use of spells. You'll want to use your spells to deal damage to your enemies while also keeping yourself and your allies alive. For example, you might use a spell like Fireball to take out a single enemy, then follow up with a healing spell to keep yourself and your allies alive buy Dark And Darker Gold Coins.
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